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Do you ever struggle with figuring out which hijab goes with what outfit? Some girls are masters at this and some, not so much. Some girls are always able to find different hijabs to work with so many different outfits and some find one hijab with one outfit and press repeat. All it takes to freshen that look is to figure out how to pair different colours and patterns together to always create that fresh, stylish, modern and modest look. Here are 5 tips on how to pick the best hijab for your outfit. 

1. Neutrals, Neutrals and More Neutrals!

You cannot go wrong with neutrals. White, black and beige scarves will go with all your outfits. Pair them with an all neutral outfit, printed or bold colours and you will never be sorry!



2. Prints with Prints!

Prints can be so fun when they are done right! Mixing prints may be a little risky, similarly to socks and sandals, and may take a little practice, but eventually it'll be a breeze. Here is 3 tips to help you master mixing prints: 1) Make one print the dominant and the other be the accent. 2) Incorporate prints of different sizes/scales. 3) Keep your prints within the same colour family. 


3. Colour on Colour!

Colours on colours can seem like a lot right? When you play around with shades and tints however, the outcome is amazing. Choose the same colour as your shirt or pants just in a different shade or tint; either lighter or darker to accomplish this look. 


4. Colour with Prints!

When wearing prints, choosing a scarf with a a solid colour from your print will tie together the outfit and look you're going for. Picking a colour from the print for your scarf will also make that colour pop in your outfit!

5. Colour Wheel and Complementary Colours

Mixing and matching colours always brings me back to art class. The best way to match up these colours is to think about your good ol' colour wheel. Matching complementary (opposite colours) is one way to go about achieving this goal. For example blue and orange, purple and yellow etc. To make it more unique, start playing around with different tints and shades of opposite colours. For example a lighter tint of blue contrasted against a darker orange. Have fun!  

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