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Although jeans have been around forever and there are always different styles trending, we figured why not change it up a little and ditch the jeans. These 6 pant styles can change your look drastically. Check them out! 

1) High-waist Bow Tie Pants

Aren't these classy? Pair these pants with a blazer, blouse or long vest and you'll be looking chic for sure! High-waist bow tie pants are modest and stylish so they're a must in any hijabi's closet! 




2) Culottes  

Culottes came on the market a couple years ago after being in hiding since the 70's and we're so happy they've come back to us. You can find these trendy pants in so many different materials that will all freshen your look. Pair them with heels to dress them up or dress them down with some sneakers, you really can't go wrong! 


3) Harem Pants  

Harem pants go way way back and have since become quite popular in recent years. They're loose, comfortable, modest, easy and breathable so whats not to love?  


4) Wide Leg Pants

Wide leg pants are amazing, we love them! These pants are super versatile and definitely hijabi friendly. The combination of wide pants, a blouse and heels is truly everything, enough said. 


5) Joggers

Joggers are so comfortable and sporty but can be dressed up easily! Wear them with a bomber jacket and sneakers or with heels and blazer and you've got two totally different looks!  

6) Straight Leg Trousers 

If you don't have a pair of straight leg trousers, you need to get one, like yesterday. They go with everything, it's that simple. For a more modest look you can throw a pair underneath a mid calf length dress and still be stylish. Or wear these with oversized blouses, sweaters and cardigansand avoid feeling like you're drowning in fabric! 



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