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There are so many different styles of hijab wraps that can be seen all over instagram, pinterest and facebook. Women everywhere are dominating these super chic looks and their hijabs are flawless. We take these ideas, try the style on ourselves and of course it looks nothing like what we were hoping for. So where did it go wrong? It sounds worse than it is, but it's your face, face shape to be exact. Women have different face shapes that play a large role in how a hijab wrap will look. To find a flattering hijab style, first you need to know what type of face shape you were gifted with.  


1) Oval Face

If you have an oval face, your forehead will be slightly wider than the curvature of your chin. You will have prominent cheekbones and your jawline is rounded. The oval face is thought to be the universal face shape in the beauty world and also in the hijabi world. If you've been gifted with the oval face shape, you'll find that you can pull off many different hijab styles effortlessly.

One of the most flattering hijab styles though is to maintain that oval appearance of your face. You can do this by following your hijab tightly around your face line. Sometimes flipping in the sides of the hijab at the cheekbones can also maintain those attractive features. 

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2) Long Face

The features of a long face include an elongated forehead and chin. The length of the face is larger than the width. The forehead, cheekbones and jawline are all similar in size and some are slightly tapered at the chin.

With a long face you do not want to elongate your face even more bringing your hijab to a point at your forehead. You will want to tie your hijab tighter around your face bringing it lower on your forehead to decrease the length. You can use an under cap lowered on your forehead as well to achieve this look. 


3) Square Face

With an square face, your forehead cheekbones and jawline are almost the same width. The sides of your face are straight and you have a squared off, sharp jawline. The tip of the jawline and the temples make a perfect square.

Due to your face being more structured and squared off, you don't want to accentuate your sharp jawline even more. You're going to want to frame the hijab around your forehead keeping your hijab loose around your face and chin to capture less of a sharp look. If you wish to tie your hijab tighter under your chin, bring your hijab forward in front of the angle of the jaw to again make your jaw line less sharp. 


4) Round Face

A round face is similar to a square shape, just with softer angles. Your cheekbones are the widest part of your face, wider than both your forehead and jawline. The width and length of your face are the same distance. The sides of your face will curve outwards with a soft jawline and a rounded chin.

With a round face you want to avoid tying your hijab tightly around the outer line of your face accentuating the rounded appearance. You also don't want to wear your hijab too low on your forehead. Instead, start your hijab at your hairline allowing your hijab to fall closer to your cheekbones and chin to create more of an oval appearance. 


5) Heart Face

If you have a more prominent forehead with a sharp, pointed chin than you've got yourself a heart shaped face. Often with a heart shaped face people will also have a widows peak hairline, however this is not always the case. Some may have a straight across hairline in which case the face looks more like an upside down triangle. 

You already have a more prominent forehead so wrapping your hijab tightly around your hairline will only accentuate that. Instead bring the top of your hijab to a point or at least drape the hijab in a loose style covering the edges of your forehead. Heart shaped faces also look good in a style that is loosely pinned around the jawline to soften the sharp chin. However too loose around the jawline could make your narrow chin disappear. 


It is important to feel beautiful and confident in your hijab, so finding the right fit for your face is always important. Hijab is apart of you, so embrace it and own it, but it is not just about external beauty, but internal. Wearing the hijab for your love for Allah is beautiful on its own. May Allah bless you and give you strength in times of trial and make you driven and thankful in your times of strength. 


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